5 Top Tips to Perfect Your MailChimp Campaign


Mailings are an important tool for many businesses and can be used as a marketing tool in a number of different ways: circulating newsletters, event invitations and promotional offers or vouchers. Software like MailChimp has revolutionised email marketing and made sending mass emails easier than ever. This week, we’re giving you our top tips on how to make MailChimp work for your business.

1)      Target the Right People

It is important to think carefully about who you are sending your mails to before you press send. Sending mass emails that are not relevant or are not of interest can leave a sour taste in the recipients’ mouths. To avoid people hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button, try and only send emails to the contacts who you think will actually be interested in the content. A good way of doing this is by setting up several ‘Lists’ on MailChimp, which you can use to divide your contacts into different groups. For example, you may have one list for your existing customers and another for your potential customers, as these groups of people would be interested in different content and offers.

2)      Use a Snappy Subject Line

The subject of the email is the first thing that your recipient is going to read, so make sure it’s a good one. The best subject lines tend to be short and snappy, anything too wordy can be off putting and messy in a mailbox. Try to keep your subject lines short and enticing to encourage people to read further. To really stand out in mailboxes, why not get creative? You can now include emojis in subject lines which can make for a fun and eye catching subject line, but make sure any gimmicks you use are in keeping with your brand.

3)      Less is More

When creating your campaign it is important to remember to keep your campaign simple and easy to read. Less is more is definitely the case when it comes to a MailChimp campaign and often the simplest designs look the most professional. Avoid cluttering your email with lots of colours and fonts and instead opt for a neat banner at the top, perhaps incorporating your company’s logo, and some text boxes below. Make sure to use a clear font and if you include photos keep them low resolution so that they don’t obliterate your recipient’s mailboxes.

4)      Attention to Detail

Details is key when you are finalising your campaign. Ensure that you have used consistent font size and colours and that the copy has been thoroughly proof read to avoid grammatical or syntax errors. This attention to detail will help to make the campaign seem polished and credible.

5)      Tie Up Your Campaign with your Website

Linking your email campaign with your website can help to make your mailings a more effective marketing tool. Include a sign up form for your newsletter on your website, encouraging visitors to join your mailing list and help build your database. You can also include click-through links to your website within your mailings to help increase website traffic. This can be done simply in MailChimp by including a ‘for more information click here’ hyperlink and helps to create a two-way interaction between your website and your newsletters.

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