An Eating Revolution?

The Lunch Show has been taking place in London over the past two days – the trade show for the food-to-go industry. Over 6,000 people attend the event to keep up with the latest innovations within the industry.

Eating trends have changed over the years and more and more people are having breakfast and other meals on the go. It seems that everything is moving at a faster pace and we are becoming a more on the move culture. In the past there were very clear parameters for each meal. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with a rare inclusion of brunch if you were feeling particularly adventurous – however these do not exist anymore and lunch can mean a meal anytime between 11am and 6pm depending on what you are doing that day.

24 hour eating is becoming more and more popular with fast food restaurants like McDonalds staying open 24 hours and offering all day breakfasts while high-end hotels offer late night snacking and 24 hour room service menus. Our lives are becoming busier which means a lot more snacks and meals on the go.

So what does that mean for food businesses such as restaurants and pubs offering food? It means greater flexibility and a wider range of offerings for your customers. We’ve devised our top tips on how to capitalise on the new eating trends:

Offer all day breakfasts

This is probably one of the more mainstream solutions. More and more food establishments are offering the all-day breakfast option. But it still has a ‘greasy-spoon’ attachment to it. Higher end establishments need to shake this perception and that people on the move want quick breakfast like options such as fruit and yogurt, granola or pancakes.

Longer Opening Hours

Opening longer hours or extending the times you serve food will help to appeal to a wider audience. More and more restaurants are still serving food past 11pm which fits in with people’s lifestyles. Perhaps they’ve been to a late work event or are travelling through the night and looking for a healthy meal.

More snacks and quick bites

People like to snack when drinking. If you can provide light bites alongside cocktails and other drinks you are more likely to keep you customers happy for longer. Rather than having to find a bar that services food or a full on restaurant people will be able to continue their evening satisfying their hunger and fitting in the more usual snacking and light bites culture than is becoming more apparent.

Offer takeaway options

In a hurry and on the go is the mantra of the day. These days everyone is trying is get somewhere and fast. If you can offer takeaway options on your menu you are likely to get more business. People like convenience and just today it was announced that Pizza Express are planning on doing home deliveries.

The food business is a changing market and its clear speed and convenience is at the heart of people now look for.


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