Another successful year at Leapfrog

Whoooo, we were super busy in 2021 growing client social communities.  We work hard, using a portfolio of tactics to meet and exceed the results that our client’s expect – and that sometimes means challenging assumptions and pushing clients and ourselves to do what’s needed rather than what they think they want.

 It’s a testimony to our clients’ trust in us, and the strength of our relationships, that we can work in this way, crawling all over socials to create meaningful engagement that drives awareness and increases sales. 

We firmly believe social feeds must align with business plans and work hard to add value to the marketing mix – they are not a vanity project.  We also believe in putting in effort where it will most benefit your business – having fewer but more effective channels with meaningful content and engagement will add better value than multiple channels that don’t always align with your target audience.  

Having a strategy behind your socials is essential to ensure they are effective – no two organisations have the same needs so for us, every solution must be bespoke. 

If you need better value from your social feeds and want to find out how they can work harder for you, we offer a free diagnostic and appraisal session, so contact us today.  

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