Don’t write off traditional media just yet …

With news and stories continually breaking on social channels and with lies whizzing round the world faster than you can pull up your pants, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the role of traditional media relations in your B2B or B2C communications strategy is long gone. But maybe don’t be so hasty… 

We firmly believe there is a strong role for media relations in the communications mix of 2022 and that it continues to play a critical role in a number of circumstances. 

Yes, social media plays a crucial role in building brand loyalty and facilitating dialogue with your community, but don’t overlook what media relations can add. 

So, what are those circumstances?

  • Impact – breaking a major story through planned media relations will add huge traction to your social channels and, targeted strategically, will reach audiences you are not already engaged with 
  • Explainers – more in-depth communication explains and informs, leading to better understanding than you can achieve in a social story, reel or short message 
  • Credibility – if you need to influence your business stakeholders, perhaps prior to a sale or while seeking funding for expansion or during a major tender campaign, establishing credibility through positive media exposure will help your case
  • Authenticity and values – more in-depth profiles and features give you the opportunity to communicate authentically, emphasising your values 
  • Loyalty – external media coverage read by your employees will help give them a sense of pride in what you do and encourage applications for your vacancies.  It looks great on your internal comms too

These techniques apply equally to mainstream and trade media relations.  Using trade media strategically to drive awareness of your products/business and enhance your credibility will add value to your pitches and the sales effort – you want the reaction from buyers that they want to talk to you because they see you ‘all over everywhere’.

If you need better value from your media relations and want to find out how they can work harder for you, we offer a free diagnostic and appraisal session, so contact us today.  Here’s  a snap shot of what we achieved for our clients last year:

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