First Impressions of PR

Beth Reynolds

After just six weeks of working within a PR consultancy I already feel like I have got a real taste of the industry and am beginning to get into the swing of things.

Just four days after my final exam at The University of Birmingham, where I studied English Literature with Creative Writing, I began my job at Leapfrog as Graduate PR Account Executive. Although I knew that PR was something I was interested in, I had very little experience of the industry and didn’t really know what to expect.

It was important to me that I get a job straight after completing my degree as I felt that, after many years of studying, I was ready for some on the job experience. I had guessed that my first few weeks would be a learning curve but I have been amazed by how much and how quickly I have learnt on the job, particularly in a fast paced consultancy like Leapfrog. In just a few weeks of working in PR I have learnt more about time management, adaptability, team work and professionalism than I did across three years at university.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the creative writing element of my degree came into use, and soon learnt that good writing skills are one of the most important skills for anyone working within the PR industry. From writing press releases, to Facebook posts, to website content, I have really enjoyed the creative element of the job so far.

Despite the occasional stressful day, I have enjoyed the pressure that working within a consultancy brings. I have found the responsibility of delivering good campaigns to clients a great motivator to work quickly and effectively.

I have also been surprised by how varied the work of a PR consultancy is. A few months ago I had the misconception that PR work mainly involved liaising with journalists and managing social media accounts but the industry is so much more than this. From organising events to crisis management, a day in the life of a PR Executive is always varied!

My first impressions of PR have been great, and Leapfrog is the perfect place to get a taste of the industry. I am enjoying working with interesting clients in a busy and motivated environment and am looking forward to the challenges to come.

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