Get clued up on Facebook Messenger – you won’t regret it

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Managing social media for clients is a daily aspect of public relations – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three most popular platforms used by businesses across the globe.

Often thought of as just an extension to a Facebook profile, the direct messaging tool ‘Facebook Messenger’ is an overlooked form of communication that when used effectively can be invaluable to a business. A separate entity from Facebook, it is starting to be utilised by businesses as a direct, personable form of communication between clients, customers and staff.

My colleague Georgia and I headed down south to Plymouth for a conference on Facebook Messenger this month. What we learned was both enlightening and mind-boggling – here are some of the top-line points that we picked up from the day, be sure to take note.

  • There are 900m users on Facebook Messenger worldwide (that’s 11% of the world population!).
  • 1bn people have downloaded the Messenger App.
  • 10% of internet phone calls are now made via Facebook Messenger.
  • Research has shown that customers have a more positive experience with quick, personal conversations – problems can be resolved, solutions can be found and information can be given instantly by a real person.
  • Conversations are stored forever – this is valuable when handling complaints as companies have a paper trail and can refer back to past conversations.
  • It’s easy to use and there is no skilling needed, a lot of people have had Facebook messenger or have used a direct messaging platform before.
  • As Facebook Messenger is not an official complaint channel it is not hindered by regulations.
  • At present Facebook is working on optimising the Messenger tool for businesses but it can also be used with a social media solutions platform to improve monitoring, management and provide analytical feedback.

If businesses want to utilise Facebook Messenger they can use their own ‘scan code’. A bit like a QR Code, this allows people to scan a code and be immediately directed to the business’ Messenger profile, where they can chat with an adviser. The code makes a useful addition to company literature, business cards and marketing material.

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