HIT Training Quiz: Q&A


HIT quiz


Congratulations to our winners Katie Spence and Del Anning – a bottle of bubbly is on its way to each of them! Thank you to everyone at HIT who took part in our workshop quiz. The answers are below!

1. Which upcoming event will ensure ‘no waiting’ on the streets of London?

A: National Waiters Day – taking place on 25th September in Hyde Park

2. How is a piece of fruit becoming the next big fashion statement?

A: The new Apple Watch

3. What was found in the freezer of one Chichester restaurant this week?

A: A dead lion! – The restaurant owners told health inspectors the lion was donated to him by the local zoo to feed his pack of dogs

4. The world’s most expensive foot long hot-dog containing wagu beef, foie gras, black truffles and caviar was unveiled last week. How much does it cost?

A: £102

5. One of these was banned in a US restaurant this week. Which one?

A: Ketchup – Chef owner Xavier Duclous of the Mad Fresh Bistro in Florida, banned people over the age of 10 from having ketchup served with their food. He told diners to trust the chef and not to have preconceived notions about what the dish would need

6. In London this week, the world’s first pop-up “Pestaurant” served insect lollies, cheesy mealworms and curried crickets to mark the 85th anniversary of which famous pest control company?

A: Rentokil


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