Instagram for Business

We’ve talked previously about the wonders of Instagram, but this week there has been an exciting development in the world of my favourite social media platform. Instagram for business is finally here! On Tuesday the photo sharing juggernaut previewed new profiles and tools exclusive to businesses which will be rolled out to people the US, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

The key business features will include a ‘contact’ button on profiles, detailed analytics and simplified advertising. The biggy is the ‘contact’ button, allowing users to get in touch with businesses, stores, restaurants and brands outside of the app. This means companies will have the opportunity to add an email address, phone number or text message option to their profile, as well as directions.


The analytics are likely to the similar to those on Facebook (Instagram’s owners) with insights into post engagement, audience and demographics. It the first time such tools have been available within the app – making it much easier for businesses to demonstrate Instagram’s worth and ROI.

The improved advertising tools will make it easier for small businesses to reach new followers with sponsored posts, select a target audience and create calls to action.

These developments are a welcome addition amidst the confusion and frustration surrounding changes to Instagram’s feed algorithm which would display posts according to relevancy rather than chronologically – we’re still waiting for a final word on that one! Fingers crossed Instagram for business will make its way to UK shores sooner rather than later.

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