Leapfrog PR Highlights from 2019

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While compiling our many and varied 2019 annual reviews, we have been reminded of some of the fabulous public relations projects and achievements from last year that produced BIG smiles from our clients and moments of fulfilment for us.

We’ve jotted a few of the highlights down with a couple of important points from each one.  You never know, they might help spark some ideas for your comms plans for 2020. And if you need to chat through your ideas and how to implement them, you can contact us here.


Achieved an audience reach of more than 100 million via broadcast media for ONE story

  • You never know who you might meet in the green room. #contacts #networking #kismet
  • Sometimes you have to fight for pre-interview hair and makeup. (NB floor managers are your friend!)


Organised a media event at Soho House White City with Liz Earle MBE for one of our consumer brands

  • Instagram stories rock – if it looks good, get it on the gram.
  • Influencers hold the sway – we targeted health and wellbeing nano-influencers and micro-influencers interested in gut health to attend and we were rewarded with a fantastic turnout of engaged influencers.


Helped Lifeway Foods Inc CEO Julie Smolyansky tick her bucket list by securing her a slot on the BBC

  • Delivering over and above client expectations makes their day.
  • Helping others to achieve their goals is a total win.


Launched healthier snacking brand Eat Real’s new LinkedIn page in style


  • Preparation is key. We only had one chance to capture this timelapse film of the Whole Foods window being dressed to help launch the new Eat Real LinkedIn Brand page.
  • Video is king – engaging videos are shared 20x more than other post types on LinkedIn – and was worth battling the rain and hail to capture this, which we then shared across all platforms after the LinkedIn page launch.


Helped secure Olympic athlete Eilish McColgan as brand ambassador for our client Eat Real

  • It’s true… inspiring ambassadors really do increase brand engagement.
  • Effective – and highly targeted – product endorsement!


Planned, organised and ran a stand for three days at Chris Evans’ NEW RunFestRun event

  • Sampling chilled products in searing sunshine is a challenge… but we nailed it.
  • By using samples, vouchers and social media the customer journey can continue long after the event.


Secured three shelves on the revamped Supermarket Sweep series for leading healthier snacking brand Eat Real

  • Customer segmentation, research and analysis reveal opportunities – always.
  • End aisles are the best… but paused video streams aren’t the best for high resolution images!


Engaged chef, writer and broadcaster Gerard Baker to work with us on creating original content for Dawn Foods UK to enhance material for their B2B clients

  • Be human, not boring! As someone once said: ‘B2B marketing is not boring, the bosses are boring.’ Get creative with content – capture your audience’s attention and prove how much you love what you do and why in a human way. Dawn’s e-newsletters consistently achieve higher than industry open rates and click through rates.
  • High profile people are busy people and are often on different continents, times zones and days of the week so you need to be fluid about contact times and methods of communication.


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Hero image courtesy of CJ Dayrit 
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