Should PR focus on reach or conversions?


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With the rise of online activity, reach and conversion are among the vital metrics of PR that need regular tracking. Tracking reach gives you an insight into how PR is helping brand awareness, whilst conversions enable businesses to become aware of the number and frequency of visitors converting into actions, like sales or sign ups.

Strategic and effective communication is vital for both growing and established brands. Through social media, PR practitioners can carry out polls, find out what their customers respond to and get direct feedback from their audience. This simplifies the analytical process and helps to clearly demonstrate the worth of PR to clients.

Determining whether PR should focus on reach or conversion ultimately depends on what the company’s goals are. Both metrics are important because they help to gauge the effectiveness of PR activity and its overall impact on business profits.

Measuring reach means tracking the rate at which a particular audience grows. The inclusion of reach metrics is handy for collecting data to give you an overall impression of a business. In the past reach meant solely looking at magazine circulation or subscription figures, today social media tools and Google Analytics allow you to monitor engagement, clicks-rates, bounce rates and even what kind of device people are using to read your online content.

Attracting attention is important, but keeping customers coming back time and time again and getting them to stay on your site is what it’s all about. Public relations is important because it prevents situations where you push a service or product in an intrusive way (you can read more about what PR is, here). Design goals which reflect this and work to convert online visitors into actual sales by making your site engaging, using social media to keep in touch with your customers and track conversion rates.

As content marketing rises in popularity, the number of opportunities for PR practitioners to produce high-quality, original material has also increased. But PR still needs to be measurable and online activity certainly makes this easier, whether you choose conversion, reach or preferably a bit of both!


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