Tick Tock Round the Clock…

The annual FPA Awards at The Grand Hotel Brighton is the highlight of the FPA events calendar and always a superb evening.  For the past two years Leapfrog has edited a late-night newsletter issued as a pdf to all attendees and guests as soon as possible after the main part of the event finishes – so that member’s get their newsletter before the bar closed in the early hours.

This year the FPA and Leapfrog went a step further, producing a print version of the Awards newsletter that was under guest’s hotel room doors by 6.00am the following morning. Leapfrog worked with the superb team at RePrint Brighton who worked an extra overnight shift to accommodate our needs.

As soon as the Awards photographer Rob Petherick had the photos ready around 11.20pm,  Leapfrog and  the FPA swung into action, working against the clock to get the file ready for print.  The template and copy were all pre-prepared, with just last minute nuances and the photos to be dropped in.   Not everything went quite according to plan, but where there is a will there’s a way and the file was eventually ready for print at 1.30am and was taken across Brighton by taxi to ensure safe delivery – the printer was even waiting on the pavement looking out for the taxi.  The (digital) press soon rolled into action and all the copies were safely delivered to four hotels before 6.00am.

Feedback from the FPA and guests was superb, with everyone delighted to receive a print version as a memento of the evening.  Comments included: “Received the post-awards newsletter and wanted to thank you both for working late into the night to produce this, it was a nice surprise this morning, so thank you and well done” “Thanks to the both of you for what is a wonderful reminder of an excellent evening. You must both be shattered working way beyond expectation but I am sure, judging by comments this morning, that everyone was appreciative & surprised to receive the newsletter so promptly”


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