Tweeting our Way around Town



When we heard that social media project @Chelt52 was coming to town we jumped at the chance to get involved. If you’re not familiar with the concept, @Chelt52 is a Twitter-based initiative started by @liammckinnon and @sophiefryer to help locals share a different part of Cheltenham, through multiple tweets across 52 weeks.

During 6-12 October, Leapfrog took the reins for the penultimate week of the project – and what a wonderful week it was! From finding out how locals like their eggs (thanks British Egg Week!), to discovering hidden lunching spots dotted around the town, we got to the heart of all things Cheltenham.

Leapfrog has been in the area for almost fifteen years but the project gave us a chance to learn more about Cheltenham that we didn’t already know. The week has also helped to confirm our belief that Twitter is a great tool for gaining a deeper insight into target audiences – so we’ll definitely be using the skills developed through this experience to enhance our clients’ social media strategies.

We’d like to say a big “thank you” to @Chelt52 for the great opportunity. If you’d like to get involved why not visit and register your interest for year two!

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