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Are you crisis ready?

13th May 2016

Following on from last week’s blog about handling digital media in a crisis, just how do you make sure that you are ready to cope when the proverbial hits the fan? Felicity gave a talk to the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce recently looking at PR in general but in particular at how any business, from […]

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Social Media Pitfalls

1st April 2016

Social media has re-written the media landscape, opened up new business opportunities and connected firms to previously untapped markets. It has given PR consultancies valuable measurable insights and can humanise a brand, doing wonders for your reputation – at least, in an ideal world. In reality a lot of companies are still nervous about fully committing […]

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Brands That travel?

7th March 2016

I had a great time last week lecturing Masters students at

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Children in Need – a great campaign for a great cause

13th November 2015

Today is the day that Children in Need 2015 culminates in the big ‘Appeal Show’ and of course we’re doing our bit here at Leapfrog PR. When Children in Need started out they raised £1m over one night. However, this figure has grown significantly with last year’s campaign raising in excess of £32m. The difference? […]

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Talking about Twitter

15th October 2015

Launched in 2006, Twitter is a micro-blogging site that continues to go from strength to strength in the social media sphere.

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Should PR focus on reach or conversions?

21st August 2015

With the rise of online activity, reach and conversion are among the vital metrics of PR that need regular tracking. Tracking reach gives you an insight into how PR is helping brand awareness, whilst conversions enable businesses to become aware of the number and frequency of visitors converting into actions, like sales or sign ups.

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Who should be monitoring online reviews?

30th July 2015

Georgia discusses online reviews and who is best placed to respond to them.

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Public Relations for B2B

1st July 2015

It’s important to separate consumer based PR and marketing from true B2B communications. Whilst there are many parallels and sharing of tools, understanding the difference can change a mediocre campaign into a real success story.

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Politics, PR and Social Media

5th May 2015

With the General Election just around the corner, Georgia looks at how the worlds of politics, PR and social media combine.

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What’s the worth in team building?

27th April 2015

Following our own teambuilding day in the Forest of Dean, Georgia Clancy looks at why it’s important to spend some quality company time together!

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PR and Social Media

17th April 2015

Georgia Clancy looks using PR and social media in the 21st century…

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