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Hugh’s War on Waste

29th July 2016

We’ve been honing our damage limitation skills recently as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste programme last week focussed on packaging, highlighting delivered parcels and coffee cups in particular. We work with a number of clients in the packaging sector and have been working for the past four months on strategies to ensure that client views […]

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Brexit On Every Menu

1st July 2016

Understandably in this most turbulent week of UK politics, Brexit has been on the discussion menu for breakfast, dinner, tea and every meal occasion. It’s still early days to make any kind of accurate forecasts for foodservice and hospitality but as with any situation, there is always a silver lining for someone. A sinking pound […]

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Food trends from the NRA Show

10th June 2016

For anyone lucky enough to have visited (or exhibited at)  this year’s NRA Show in Chicago, you’ll be aware just how important this show is for predicting foodservice trends over the coming months.  The show is huge (great for the fitbit count) and covers every aspect of the foodservice and hospitality industry, from global brands […]

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Wonky Veg – beautiful on the inside!

26th May 2016

  In the face of ever-increasing pressure to tackle food waste, more and more retailers and foodservice providers are now recognising that ‘wonky veg’ are becoming a staple of the weekly shopping basket. Of the estimated 15m tonnes of food disposed of annually in the UK, more than half is thrown away by households with […]

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What could a Brexit mean for the Hospitality Industry?

20th May 2016

Brexit seems to be the word on everyone’s lips as we await the verdict of the 23 June referendum. Being in the business of food and hospitality public relations, we read plenty of articles about Brexit in trade magazines that talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a Brexit and what it could mean for […]

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Are you crisis ready?

13th May 2016

Following on from last week’s blog about handling digital media in a crisis, just how do you make sure that you are ready to cope when the proverbial hits the fan? Felicity gave a talk to the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce recently looking at PR in general but in particular at how any business, from […]

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The advantages of using Instagram to market your food industry brand

22nd April 2016

Instagram, a social media platform noted for its use by celebrities, fitness fanatics and predominantly food lovers. We’re all guilty of it, posting that delicious smoked salmon breakfast, sizzling tapas dish and super charged smoothie. The Instagram likes soon add up and you’re left with the satisfaction of a full belly and knowledge that your […]

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Welcome to the food jungle

15th April 2016

What is good and bad for your health food-wise is a never ending topic of discussion in the media. Even today, Mars will be putting a ‘health warning’ on some of its pasta products to keep consumption limited due to the high sugar and salt content. While Mars is taking a responsible step it’s a […]

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An Eating Revolution?

25th September 2015

The Lunch Show has been taking place in London over the past two days – the trade show for the food-to-go industry. Over 6,000 people attend the event to keep up with the latest innovations within the industry. Eating trends have changed over the years and more and more people are having breakfast and other […]

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10 Last Minute Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day that won’t Break the Bank!

13th February 2015

True romantic Nina Bartlett looks at how to have a foodie valentine’s day without breaking the bank.

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