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Simple But Effective Corporate Reputation Advice

17th January 2017

It came as no surprise that Lord Deben’s contribution to the recent Foodservice Packaging Association’s annual Environment Seminar http://bit.ly/2jF1D5g  focussed not only on the sustainable arguments relating to the future of foodservice packaging – including paper coffee cups – but also focused on the importance to the industry of corralling arguments and the industry speaking […]

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Without content that converts what’s the use in social media?

25th November 2016

It’s amazing how quickly the world of social media moves – statistics are forever changing. Rising in the case of Facebook, falling in the case of Twitter at the moment, but who knows? That could all change in a heartbeat! What will be today, will not be the case tomorrow and it’s important for PR’s […]

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Truth, Lies, PR and Propaganda

15th November 2016

by Felicity Read It’s been a good week to consider fundamental issues that should preoccupy PR practitioners such as the fine line between truth, lies, PR and propaganda. Despite the shock US election result, I doubt that too many of us spend much time thinking about these things.   But we should.  Mary Beard put it […]

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Snapchat is King

12th August 2016

Although Snapchat has been around for a while (it launched in 2011) there is no question that it’s quickly becoming the most popular social network, and where consumers go, businesses no doubt follow. At the moment Snapchat advertising is almost exclusively available to multimillion dollar, multinational corporations, but rumour has it prices are being slashed […]

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Hugh’s War on Waste

29th July 2016

We’ve been honing our damage limitation skills recently as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste programme last week focussed on packaging, highlighting delivered parcels and coffee cups in particular. We work with a number of clients in the packaging sector and have been working for the past four months on strategies to ensure that client views […]

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Instagram for Business

3rd June 2016

We’ve talked previously about the wonders of Instagram, but this week there has been an exciting development in the world of my favourite social media platform. Instagram for business is finally here! On Tuesday the photo sharing juggernaut previewed new profiles and tools exclusive to businesses which will be rolled out to people the US, […]

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What could a Brexit mean for the Hospitality Industry?

20th May 2016

Brexit seems to be the word on everyone’s lips as we await the verdict of the 23 June referendum. Being in the business of food and hospitality public relations, we read plenty of articles about Brexit in trade magazines that talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a Brexit and what it could mean for […]

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Are you crisis ready?

13th May 2016

Following on from last week’s blog about handling digital media in a crisis, just how do you make sure that you are ready to cope when the proverbial hits the fan? Felicity gave a talk to the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce recently looking at PR in general but in particular at how any business, from […]

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Crisis Communications

6th May 2016

Last week we attended ‘One Tweet Away From Disaster’ – a CIPR South West event in Bristol talking all things crisis comms in the digital age. Though we’re not at liberty to share the sensitive information that was discussed (there were some great case studies!), we can pass on some of the key takeaways:   […]

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Your website – a true window into your world?

28th April 2016

When Tim Berners-Lee first came up with the idea of the world wide web in 1989, could he have ever anticipated how some company websites have the power to divide the nation? They’ve been described as sub-conscious influencers and very often our first impression of the business or service provider that we’re trying to reach […]

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Social Media Pitfalls

1st April 2016

Social media has re-written the media landscape, opened up new business opportunities and connected firms to previously untapped markets. It has given PR consultancies valuable measurable insights and can humanise a brand, doing wonders for your reputation – at least, in an ideal world. In reality a lot of companies are still nervous about fully committing […]

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Brands That travel?

7th March 2016

I had a great time last week lecturing Masters students at

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Facebook’s new Reactions button

26th February 2016

We knew it was coming, but this week Facebook finally launched their new ‘Reactions’ button globally. Following months of consumer testing, your Facebook newsfeed is about to get a whole lot more expressive. From Love, Haha and Wow to Sad and Angry, Facebook is giving us five emotions we can use to react to posts […]

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Black Friday Fever

27th November 2015

Until just a couple of years ago, us Brits had scarcely heard of Black Friday, traditionally an American event which takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving and signifies the beginning of the Christmas shopping period.

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The Importance of Christmas Adverts

24th November 2015

Every year consumers wait in anticipation for the initial unveiling of the Christmas TV adverts, the 2-3 minute slots that they are aired in have become almost as important as advertising itself.

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Children in Need – a great campaign for a great cause

13th November 2015

Today is the day that Children in Need 2015 culminates in the big ‘Appeal Show’ and of course we’re doing our bit here at Leapfrog PR. When Children in Need started out they raised £1m over one night. However, this figure has grown significantly with last year’s campaign raising in excess of £32m. The difference? […]

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Surveys – What’s the Worth?

6th November 2015

Market research can be an effective way of developing new product ideas and can also be used as part of a PR strategy in order to attract press coverage.

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Halloween Tricks That Work a Treat

30th October 2015

Now more than ever, companies are utilising calendar hooks to increase revenue and create quirky, seasonal campaigns, and Halloween is no exception.

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The Importance of the Hashtag in #PR

23rd October 2015

A “hashtag” or “#” as it appears on social media is a word or phrase preceded by the hashtag symbol (#) for example #PR #Hashtag. It is a quick way of finding selective messages on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Talking about Twitter

15th October 2015

Launched in 2006, Twitter is a micro-blogging site that continues to go from strength to strength in the social media sphere.

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